Moratorium on the Musical

Hello, my name is Cooper Waligura, and I have been performing in the schools musicals for the past four years of my life. It was coming up on my final year and I was finally cast as the lead roll in this year’s show ‘ Little Shop of Horrors’. Myself and a select group spent three plus months working on this show and putting it together. The first actual night that we got to put this show on, we were so excited! Something I will never forget is getting ready for show. I was walking back to the dressing rooms and my music director, Mr. Wilson, said that he had to go to a meeting. I continued to get ready, When he returned he didn’t look right and told me that Friday’s and Saturday’s shows were cancelled. This crushed the entire cast and crew. We regrouped and went on to have one of the best shows that we as a group have ever put on, knowing it was our last. That is how I concluded my musical career at Uniontown Area High School.

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