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Snowpiercer is a movie about a train that circles the earth once a year with humanity’s last survivors on board. The story is the world was heating up and many countries tried using a chemical called CW 7 hoping to cool the earth down. It work but too well and the world was plunged into another ice age apocalypse. A man known as Mr. Wilford build Snowpiercer first as a luxury train that could withstand the harshest environments on earth and later changed it the to help humanity survive the snowy apocalypse. In my opinion Snowpiercer is a great movie as well as the TV series.

Snowpiercer is about humanity’s survivors after and ice age. The setting is a man made train 1001 cars long or 10 miles. There are 3000 survivors but the movie focuses on a hand full of the characters from the tail. This is a drama about events that happen on the train. The events unfold as they make their way to the engine.

This movie has been compared to today’s society. The movie shows the dangers of global warming and what human action can lead too. Conditions for passengers improve as you make your way towards the front. This movie is exciting and action packed. You should really check this movie out and the TV series.

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