Movie Review: Stolen from the Suburbs

The other day I watched the movie stolen from the suburbs. I got recommended this movie on TikTok actually. You can watch this movie on YouTube for $1.99 or on Amazon prime for $3.99, I watched it on a streaming site called Tubi for free. The premise of the movie is a girl getting human trafficked in plain sight. Movie follows the main characters who are a mom and a daughter, the daughter getting kidnapped in the mom trying to save her.

The movie starts with a mom and a daughter moving to California after the father dies. The girl is 16, and just trying to be a normal teenager. She goes to the mall with some friends and gets kidnapped in plain sight. She actually gets tricked by a boy she just met who is working for the traffickers. He pretends to be interested in dating her but is really just using a kidnapper technique call “Romeo”. The mother then realizes her daughter is missing and goes to all lengths to save her daughter even if it means risking her own life.

The is a very good movie because it is made to raise awareness of human trafficking. Throughout the whole movie the mother is working with a company called saving innocence to find her daughter. This is a real company that is trying to stop and save young women and men from being trafficked. This movie was very entertaining and educational, I enjoyed it a lot.

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