Musical Auditions Quickly Approaching

Though it feels far away, this year’s musical is just around the corner, and as most already know, the drama club will be performing The Addams Family. As One Acts finishes its performances this Friday and Saturday, the drama club will begin preparing for musical auditions the following week!

On Monday and Tuesday, the thirteenth and the fourteenth, audition practices will be held. Participants will practice the musical’s songs from a set of audition samples and also learn a dance routine. Then, on the fifteenth, students will try out for a specific part in the musical using what they practiced. They may be called back, in which case directors would ask to see them perform another audition sample (or any song from the musical, but typically an audition sample) as a different character. The cast list is set to be announced at the end of the night after auditions and call backs have been completed.

If a student wants to take part in the musicals, it’s extremely important to attend the audition practices to get a hang of the routines. Break a leg!

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