Musical Dance Captain, Bailey Gammon

This year at Uniontown High School, the spring musical production will be The Addams Family. The Addams Family is a kooky musical filled with laughs, cries, and lots of surprises just around the corner. Featuring the family you see on all of the movies and tv shows about this crazy production, there is also an addition of the Addams Family ancestors. The Dance Captain this year, is also and ancestor, and she is Bailey Gammon.

Bailey Gammon is a senior here at Uniontown High School, she is also a senior dancer at Lanzi Academy of Dance. This year when she auditioned for the musical, not only did she receive the role of the flapper, but she also is the Dance Captain. Her talent and leadership skills are sure to make the production exciting. The entire cast and crew are excited to work with Bailey and see what she has to add to our amazing cast.

The role of Dance Captain has many responsibilities, and Bailey, especially with her excessive dance training is ready to step up to the challenge. Being dance Captain means working with the Choreographer to find the best dance steps to convey the message of the show, and elements the director would like to add. After all, dance tells a story and you need choreography to dance. Another responsibility of the Dance Captain, is to be sure that the cast knows their blocking and the choreography. The Dance Captain must work with the cast to make the show flow, this means adjusting routines as needed and teaching some less experienced dancers how to move flawlessly.

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