National Grandparents Day

Grandparents had a special day dedicated to them from hard work in the past life.
It’s a day made for bonding and making connections , within your grandkids , while teaching them knowledge on down the road.
At home or maybe a day out would perfect this day. This day occurred , on September 13, 2020. To show appreciation and give grandparents a time to connect with their grandkids and give them an opportunity towards their near future. Giving time to show what they were once taught , and re telling the known about history .

Mcquade wanted to educate youth on the importance of the seniors and their past influential choices. This was to help others understand the truth behind the specific day, and the importance within elders and their history. In 1977, the senator at the time passed the legislation, and Jimmy carter made it official for the grandparents .

How do you think your point of view would differ from you being in younger age than being an elder , towards your participation in grandparents day now to the future?

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