National Honors Society 2022

Congratulations to the recent inductees of The National Honors Society. The recent inductees include Grace Amend, Grant Barcheck, Madison Basinger, Darian Brewer, Sequoia Dunlap, Ava Hair, Sadie Harvey, Tyler Hawk, Jaelyn Hodge, Payton Hostetler, Gianna Howard, Isabella Jones, Zaya McCune, Elizabeth Perkins, Gianna Picclomini, Jenna Pindrock, Erica Rishel, Hope Trimmer, Sydney Troup, Star Tucker, Skye Tucker, Tanner Uphold, Claire White and Abby Wystepek.

Not only did these inductees have to have a GPA of at least 3.5, but they also had to excel in the categories of leadership, service, and character. Candles were lit at the ceremony to represent these aspects. The inductees must have some experience in these categories of leadership and service, and their character must be something that can be positively associated with the society. Students that were inducted had to list their leadership experience to make sure they were no stranger to being a leader. Students also had to list the service they have done whether it be community service, or even job shadowing. Finally, inductees also had to display a positive attitude and show that their character was worthy of being associated with the National Honors Society.

Uniontown High School is proud to have these students in the National Honors Society and look forward to seeing the wonderful examples they set for the students at this school.

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