NCAA Championship

The biggest event in college basketball happened this Monday, did you miss it? Well, I hope you didn’t because it had to be one of the most intense and exciting games this year. It came down to two teams, Kansas and an unexpected North Carolina. Kansas was definitely in more people’s favor that night but North Carolina was ready for them. Both teams were locked in by the time of the tip-off, and it was game time in the Caesar Superdome.

The game started out pretty even as both teams exchanged points back and forth. Around halfway through the first half of play, North Carolina started to develop a significant lead over the Jayhawks. Kansas went on about a 3 minute drought of no scoring, and the Tar Heels took advantage of this and began to create momentum. By the end of the first half, North Carolina held a 15 point lead and left Kansas frustrated. They knew their game plan had to change somehow, and that’s what they did.

At the start of the second half, Kansas started off with a lob to McCormick and began their comeback. You could see the change in their pace of play compared to the first half and it showed that they wanted it more than North Carolina. Kansas took the momentum and eventually tied the game with a lot of time to work with for both teams. At this point it was anyone’s game, the score stayed close until the buzzer where North Carolina missed a three to tie the game and send it to overtime. Kansas won the National Championship and defeated North Carolina 72-69.

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