New Mask Mandate For Grades K-12

On Tuesday August, 31st in Harrisburg PA, Governor Tom Wolf announced the new mask mandate for grades K-12. The masks will be worn at public, and private schools , and childcare facilities, along with transportation to and from. The mask mandate has come about to try and stop the already rising COVID-19 cases. The mask mandate for grades K-12 will take affect on September, 7th. Though this idea is to help slow the spread many are upset.

Governor Tom Wolf during a press conference Tuesday telling why the mask mandate in schools, early learning centers and child care centers to start on Sept. 7 due to the increase in cases, hospitalizations and deaths caused by the delta variant that started about two months ago.

One man by the name Matt Morgan started a petition to overturn Wolf and his actions to mandate mask wearing in schools and daycares. More than 26,000 signatures have been signed to overturn Wolf. As of right now over 5,000 students in PA have tested positive for COVID-19 since the start of the school year, bringing more pressing concern to wear masks. Wolf later said that he would re-evaluate the mask mandate in early October. Not only are the COVID-19 cases rising but, there is an average of 3,200 COVID cases, daily in Pennsylvania.

Students here at Uniontown have expressed their thoughts . Students Kaylee Hager and Dalton Grimes were asked how they felt and here is what they said: ” I think if we need to wear the mask, people should just suck it up and wear it.” – Kaylee Hager. Dalton Grimes later said ” I feel like it should be the students choice.” Kaylee also touched on the topic of how in her words “The vaccine should not be forced on people.” With the school year getting started it is good to hear how the students feel.

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