New Softball Coaches

By: Victoria Forsythe

Uniontown High School’s softball team had a very difficult season last year. We only won 3 games. This year during 2013 we are hoping to have a better turn out of a season. We have new coaches this year which are Steve Forsythe as a head coach, Bill Dice as an assistant coach, and also Paul Guthrie as an assistant coach.

I have talked to Steve Forsythe and asked him some questions. Steve said he has high expectations for the team this year. He said we aren’t going to be like last year. He is confident that we are going to make the play offs. Steve also has a lot of drills ready for practice and is ready to fight through this and make it a great season. I haven’t talked to the other two coaches yet, but Steve told me they expect the same thing and they are ready to win.

We have our first scrimmage game on March 12, 2013 against Mapletown High School at our home field at Bailey Park. Our regular season doesn’t technically start until the 3rd week of March.

I have also talked to some of the girls that come to conditioning practice and they have said they are ready for this season. I asked them what they think about the new coaches this year. And most of them said they like them so far, because they don’t let us play around like we did last year. They wanna win just like we do which will make it more tense and exciting during games. Us girls want to make it a memorable year by having fun, winning, and no drama. We are going to make it a successful year so come out, watch us, and cheer us on!


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