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In October of 2020, middle schoolers from New Hampshire set a boat out to sea containing pictures, their states quarters and part of nature such as acorns and leaves. They sent the boat out not knowing if they would ever see it again or if anyone would find it. Just recently, a sixth grader from Norway found the boat.

The middle school students from Rye Junior High were very doubtful their boat would make it somewhere. The boat was only six feet long and hurricane season was approaching. Students also put a tracking device on the boat, so they knew if it was lost at sea or if the boat hit a landmark. The tracking device lost signal many times throughout this journey, leaving the kids very lost. The boat was named Rye Riptides and it was labeled with the students artwork on the outside of the boat. The students hoped the boat did not get lost at sea, however the tracking device was causing much uncertainty.

462 days later, Karel Nuncic, a sixth grade student from Norway, found the boat in Smøla, a small island by Dyrnes Norway. Surprisingly, the cargo and the deck were still intact. Eagerly, Karel took the boat to his class and opened it to find the middle schoolers possessions. The school in Norway is currently working on setting up a call with Rye Middle School.

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