NHL Mid Season Look Ahead

Currently the NHL has entered its mid season point and with this a lot of changes have begun like standings, player health, and what will come from the upcoming Olympic break. With this there are many questions and concerns about what will happen to teams on and off the ice especially as we now enter the part of the season where the Stanley cup is beginning to slip away from some teams but get much closer for others as they prepare to get a firm spot in the playoffs as we inch closer and closer to them by the day.

As of now the biggest threats for the Stanley cup are coming from the Metropolitan conference with teams like the Hurricanes showing what they can do with a healthy roster as they enter a 4 game win streak with the most recent win being on January 30, 2021 over the San Jose Sharks in PNC Arena. This win wasn’t to shocking but it was what pushed them in to a firm lead over the the 27-11 Penguins who is now 3rd in the Metropolitan Division and not to long after the Hurricanes would surpass the 29-13 Rangers moving into first place in the metropolitan with the record of 31-9. The Hurricanes are looking strong but there are still threats as we see Teams like the Capitals and the Penguins doing there best to find there feet and stay healthy witch has begun to be a reoccurring problem for both teams but hopefully isn’t going to be to much of a problem as we enter the second half of the season as they try to maintain there top 4 spot in the metropolitan conference.

Over in the Central conference we are seeing some action as well with Teams like the Avalanche and Predators start to show there true colors with there more aggressive play styles taking the spot light in both of there most recent games. Both of these teams are also serious contenders from this conference though teams like the wild and the Blues are still very much threats to anyone and though they may be struggling the stars are also showing off a little after they have now won 5 out of there last 10 games with there most recent game being against the Flames ending with a devastating loss with a last second goal scored by the Flames making the score 4-3 witch would allow the Flames to defeat the stars on the Stars home ice. Over all this conference is a very diverse picture and is probably going to be changing the most within the next few weeks after the Olympic break. Though right now all we can do is sit back and see what happens with this conference as these teams continue to battle it out on the ice for the opportunity to have a spot in the playoffs witch are only a little over a month and half away from now.

As we look ahead we see that the Metropolitan and the Central conference are both toss ups with all the teams still looking for a spot in the top 4 of their conference, but no conference is running as close as the Pacific Conference. This set of teams only has on average a 1-3 game gap while in some conference were seeing 2-4 and 2-6 game gaps witch is seemingly a no hope look ahead for the teams over a 4 game gap. With these statistics i believe every team has a shot at being a top 4 at the end of the regular season. From this view point even the 19-19 Canucks are still in the playoff picture. Currently your Pacific conference leaders are the 27-16 Golden Knights who are in sitting first, in the second place slot is the 23-16 Ducks, in the third spot and the team most likely to move into the second place slot very soon the 23-16 Kings who have finally been able to make it clear that they aren’t going to be a push over team. There is also the Flames in fourth with the record of 22-13 but this team has been very inconsistent this season and honestly is a complete toss up like the rest of this conference and for the better part of the league. As of now almost nothing in the league is set in stone for the upcoming playoffs and truly we are just going to have to have to wait and see what this next month and a half of Hockey will bring us.

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