The school year is coming to an end as is my freshman year and I feel like it is important to share something about my home. My father and his siblings were all born on this Island. Many may know Ocracoke from the famous stories of Edward Teach. Let me rephrase Black beard, I mean, Edward is this jolly old pirates birth name.

The island is nothing special and doesn’t have much but for some reason it is still a very big vacationist spot. There are currently 564 residents on the island which is about nine less than when my father lived there (for context he only moved to Pennsylvania when he was 17 so about 1999).

Ocracoke is a village that is part of North Carolina’s coastal Outer Banks region. It’s most beautiful featire is it’s landmark 1823 Ocracoke Lighthouse that overlooks the village and Pamlico Sound. Set in an early 1900s house, the Ocracoke Preservation Society Museum traces the island’s history. Nearby, the tiny British Cemetery contains the graves of WWII sailors.

The island has many great views and places to be. The beach is such an unbelievable sight to see when on this beauty and the sky is the limit. Many boats are available to take guests out on the water. You can book a boat to take you out on the water to get married also.

Edward teach has a pretty big impact on the island also. It is said that his treasure is buried there, beneath the sand and dirt. He was renowned pirate, his nickname derived from his thick black beard and fearsome appearance; he was reported to have tied lit fuses under his hat to frighten his enemies. On the island there is a museum called Teachs hole where some his loot can be found and illustrations of him. It is said under the museum lays his loot and that is why it was built where it was.

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