Officer Garrow & Leo

Officer Mike Garrow has been a police officer for 20 years. He first started his career as a dog trainer.  Over time, Garrow decided that he wanted to work in the police force. With that, he combined the two and started training dogs for the police force.  Leo is Garrow’s 5th police dog, and was trained by Officer Garrow himself.  Leo is a Dutch Shepard.

When asked about working in a high school, Officer Garrow said “It was quite a transition, and very difficult. It is very different from the streets, but now I enjoy it.” In 1995, he saved a woman from a burning building and received the VFW Heroism Award. Then in 1998, he was awarded officer of the year for all work that he and the K-9 unit did.

Officer Garrow’s motto is to always reach for more. “Sometimes I reach too high, but when I look back I am higher than before. Pain is a weakness of the mind. The heart drives the body. Always reach for more.” I think we can all learn something great from Officer Garrow and his trusted K-9. They are truly an amazing team for this school, and they help keep everyone safe.


Uniontown High School online school newspaper Tomahawk Talk

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  1. aww, i love officer Garrow, he is such a nice man. he helped me to get information for my ‘trial’ that we did in civics class last year.

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