Old Kmart Renovations

The long time retailer KMart closed its doors in July of 2016. The plaza next to Lowes where Kmart used to be has been sitting vacant for the past three years. Many smaller businesses have been in that building since KMart has closed. Currently on the far right side of the building there is a furniture store and a diner was also there. During Halloween in the past they had a type of halloween store for a little bit. It was even the site for a drive through COVID-19 testing center in the Spring.

Recently renovations have been taking place in the big building where Kmart used to be because they are putting a new business in there. This new or old business could be pretty much anything because that building is so big it’s possibilities are almost endless.

After speaking to an associate of Big Lots we can confirm that Big lots will be the business moving to the old Kmart. The date they will be opening is October 31 and there hours will be the same 10 am- 9 pm Monday through Saturday.

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