One Acts Play: Kiss

Kiss.. Normally when you think of a kiss you think of a significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. Well the one act play was a group of high school students at the Uniontown area school district. The one act play had for boys, and around five girls. The over all point of the play was having multiple dates, and just really see how people aren’t always who they seem to be.

My role was labeled as ” Babe “, most people would think that “babe” would be some super pretty model almost… But that wasn’t the case “Babe” was a sarcastic role to act as if she was a baby. She was also suppose to talk in character as if she was talking to a baby. The date goes well until “Babe” decides to drink from a baby bottle, from there the date spirals. Her date soon realizes “babe” isn’t who he thinks she is.. And soon realizes why she has the name she does.

Inconclusion the one acts play had around one hundred people the first night. The audience loved the play as it had very sarcastic roles, and could not help but laugh. We had a great turn out, and everyone who performed did amazing. Its truly an amazing group to be apart of. We couldn’t have done it without Mr. Durso, so a special thank you to him!

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