One Acts

The Drama Club’s One Acts show was last Friday and Saturday. The show consisted of small skits and a performance from the show Choir.  The show Choir sang four songs. The Drama Club’s performance consisted of eight short skits. All of the skits had a fairy tale theme.

Several students attended the performance. Christine Homer said that her favorite part was, “Katie snoring.” Katie Nicholson played the role of sleeping beauty in one of the skits and she proceeded to snore. Christina said that she preferred this years show because “it was funnier.” She also said that she liked the show Choir because “they are so talented.” Christina said that she would recommend anyone to go in future years! “They keep getting better!”

The students worked very hard to put this show together. First they auditioned for their parts in mid October, and then they practiced Monday-Friday the whole way up until the show on Friday. The show choir had to practice 4 different songs that they performed at the show. The songs were Somebody to Love, by Queen, Just the Way You Are, by Bruno Mars, Turning Tables, by Adele, and Forget You, by Cee-Lo Green.


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