One Piece Show Review

One piece manga was made in July 1997. There are 97 volumes of this manga. It was written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda. The first episode aired was on October 20,1999.

One piece is about a teenage boy who goes on a lot of adventures to find the One piece and become the king of pirates. On his journey he finds crewmates and friends to help achieve his goal while also achieving theirs. Luffy(the main character) ate a fruit called the gum gum fruit. That fruit turned him into a rubber man. There are a lot of different kind of devil fruit that give powers to the people that eat it but they can’t swim anymore.

The genre of One piece is adventure and fantasy. There is a lot of fighting and blood so do take caution. The anime is really long so if your looking to watch something that takes awhile then watch One piece.

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