Open Heart Surgery

In October, a group of students from Uniontown attended a live viewing of an open heart surgery at Allegheny General Hospital. This is the only hospital in the area with an observation dome that allows students to get a first-hand look at the operating room in action. It was an opportunity to observe important careers besides the surgeon, such as the physician’s assistant or the anesthesiologist.

All the sciences from biology and chemistry, to math and physics, come together in the operating room. A surgery is a team effort involving specialists from all fields. Pat Wolfe, the coordinator of the program, was in the observation room with the students to explain the procedures and to answer questions. At one point the surgeon also spoke to the students through a microphone and also answered questions.

Mrs. Vaccaro, the trip sponsor, said “It was an amazing experience. The students were able to witness open heart surgery being performed on an 87 year-old woman. They were able to ask questions about the surgery and to observe the various roles each member of the surgical team plays in the operating room. This experience is one they will never forget.”

The students that attended were Kaycee David, Jillian Durigon, Ian Gall, Cordessa Griglack, Madison Guseman, Brady Guthrie, William Hanushock, Zachary Hanushock, Alexandra Lane, Haley Lester, Jenna Nypaver, Aspen Phillips, Alexandra Piccolomini, Cassandra Riley, Aaron Schmitt and Mrs. Vaccaro.


(l-r) Jenna Nypaver, Madison Guseman, Kaycee David, Jillian Durigon, Haley Lester, Alexandra Piccolomini, Alexandra Lane, Cassandra Riley, Brady Guthrie, Zachary Hanushock, Aaron Schmitt, William Hanushock, Cordessa Griglack, Aspen Phillips, Ian Gall


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