Origins of Black History Month

By: Kean Calloway

The start 

Black history month started in 1926 in Chicago . The reason for this holiday is to remember important people or events that happened in African American history. This holiday is celebrated  all over the United States, in Canada, and The United Kingdom, but in different months. For example in the  United States and Canada the holiday is celebrated in February. But in the United Kingdom it is celebrated in October.

The Process

Black History Month wasn’t always celebrated for a whole month. Mr Carter G. Woodson started black history week on the second week of  February.  This was because Abraham Lincoln and Fredrick Douglas birthdays were in that week . That specific week was called “Negro Week” and the holiday grew with the help of mayors endorsing it throughout the United States. But in 1976 the federal government acknowledged the expansion of black history week into black history month.

The People & Events

Black history month today is more popular now and televised all over the country where people show a lot of respect and care. Television stations show movies, speeches, and interviews about black history.  Some important African Americans include Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Harriet Tubman, Fredrick Douglas, Mum Bett, Denmark Vesey, Dred Scott,  and John Brown.  There are also important events that have taken place like the first negro baseball league, first blues record recorded, the first African American chairman  in the Republic party, and the Black Cultural Festival.



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