PA Covid Restrictions Lifted

They have announced that all restrictions will be lifted as of Memorial Day weekend except for masks. It’s finally not going to matter how many people are in a specific location anymore, they would just need their masks on. Everyone is excited that these restrictions will be lifted. After a long year and a half it’s amazing how everything will be back to normal.

After 70% of people who live in PA are vaccinated the mask mandate will be lifted. As of May 15th, 47.8% of people are fully vaccinated so it really shouldn’t be much longer. Gatherings, restaurants, and other businesses will be lifted for seating capacity. School districts will have their own option with their own restrictions on what they want to do for the upcoming school year.

Some organizations like hospitals and long term care facilities will still require social distancing or vaccinations. This has been a long wait for things to be normal, but it’s almost finally here. Waiting for the restrictions to be lifted is like waiting for something you have wanted for a long time.

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