Papers to iPads

After the outbreak of COVID-19, Not just UHS, but the entire school district went from papers to iPads.

In previous years before all of this started, students used to do all their work on paper and then hand it in to their teachers for them to grade. Students were very limited on to how and when they could turn in their assignments. They could take it home and work on it but could only turn it in while they were in school. The only electronic devices they had access to other than their personal phones were the school computers and there were only a few occasions where classes did work on there.

When half of us returned in October 2020, we weren’t using papers like we did in previous years where we used to hand them in to our teachers. The school didn’t want classes using papers because they didn’t want the students or staff touching the same object after someone else did in case it was infected. So instead, students used their iPads that were provided and a learning management system called Canvas to submit their assignments. Students either typed it in the text entry box, or they took a picture of their work and uploaded it to canvas for the teacher to grade. Students could print out the worksheet if their teacher posted the PDF file in canvas and write on it. Instead or turning it in, they take a picture of it and upload it to canvas and their teacher to grade.

A lot of students like this method much better than the way it was done in previous years. Students are not as limited as to when they complete the work and turn it in. Everything is online and you can submit as long as the assignment is still open. This means that you could work on in at home, as long as you have internet access. We didn’t realize it at the time because we didn’t know what it was like to do it this way and we were so used to doing it the way we used to. Going back to it now would definitely be difficult because this is the new normal and we have already adapted to this method of learning and grading.

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