Peer Pressure

Many students and people do things just out of the fact they feel like they have too. When you are around a group of people and they are all doing one thing and you aren’t you feel left out. Even those you may not want to be doing what everyone else is doing you will do it because you feel like you have to because of peer pressure. The pressure to follow along even when someone in the group says they are going to do something is strong and hard to resist at a younger age.

Most people now give into the peer pressure of a situation even if they feel uncomfortable so they fit in and don’t feel awkward. A lot of the times when someone doesn’t know what to do they look at what others are doing and follow along. This is another reason people give into peer pressure they think “well everyone else is doing it so it won’t hurt if I do it”. Responding to peer pressure is in the human nature but it’s whether you are able to resist it or not.

Sometimes peer pressure isn’t all bad for example maybe your friends push you towards trying a new sport, trying out for the play, or dance. Trying something new that is positive toward your life due to influence from others is a good thing.

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