Pet Showcase

What’s not to love about our pets? They’re cute and fun to pester and take photos of. In this showcase, entries will be rated and two top pets will be chosen (ratings and rankings are all in the name of good fun and are not meant to be critical). 

Top two pets: 

-Lucy (yes, she really is that small). 
Loves to curl up on blankets and pillows.  
Pet rating: 22/10

Small chaos bunny. Loves to eat hay, snooze, and destroy her pen.
Pet rating: 21/10

Honorable mentions:
Enjoys head scritches, playing, and climbing his cat tower.
Pet rating: 15/10

Very fluffy boy, and always helps with his owner’s homework.
Pet rating: 17/10

-Sukkarah (his name means sugar in Arabic).
Extremely pink, and enjoys dancing and singing. We love to see a bird with real talent.
Pet rating: 20/10

Gomez loves cuddling, snoozing, and treats. Very sleepy boy.
Pet rating: 18/10

Hissu’s hobbies include being a little gremlin and snoozing on his owner’s keyboards while they’re working. Very cute, and loves modeling for the camera.
Pet rating: 20/10

Cinnabunny of the century. Pastimes include stealing his owner’s snacks and receiving pets on the head.
Pet rating: 19/10

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