PFEW: An Amazing Opportunity

Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week, or PFEW for short, is summer program offered to all current tenth and eleventh graders in Pennsylvania. For one week in the summer participants are invited down to Williamsport, where they will stay on either Lycoming’s or the Pennsylvania College of Technology’s campus. Students can experience a taste of college life with full access to the campus’ facilities. While this tempting week of freedom is enough to convince many kids to apply, the main event is the business competition. When you arrive you you will put into a group with other kids from all over the state. Within these teams you will manufacture a product, market it, make financial decisions, and at the end of the week the team with the most success will win stocks in a real company.

The event attracts participants from all over the state. This makes PFEW a great opportunity for networking. The kids you meet are some of the smartest and most hardworking Pennsylvania has to offer. Many of them will be very successful in life and building friendships with likeminded individuals can help motivate you to achieve your goals. Furthermore each team is given a company adviser, who is an adult who works in the real business world and each day speakers from all walks of life are brought in to offer words of wisdom. These people are not only great resources while your at the camp, but can also become connects you may use in life after high school.

But the event is not strictly business. PFEW understands that we are still teenagers and we like to have fun. They give lots of free time each day were students can hang out in their dorms, the dinning hall, the gymnasium, or the lawn. They have games such as volleyball, basketball, pool, and foosball that you and your new friends can bond over. In addition to these independent activities, they also have scheduled events such as junk night and a dance party where you can learn about your teammates strengths and weaknesses to further your success in the larger competition. This is all to say that there is never a boring moment at PFEW.

Now that you know all that, you are probably thinking where can sign up? You can submit an application at There it will have you fill out your information and write short responses that help them get to know you. Also on the application you can list friends who you want to room with. PFEW selects the best students to represent Uniontown, so they do contact one of your teachers to get a recommendation. There is no application fee, but after you are accepted they do require a $100 fee. This price is only extended to students in Fayette county, the full price is actually $1,700, but thanks to generous local businesses and individuals who pay for most of your tuition they are able to offer this experience to a larger pool of students and in fact until February 14th they are specifically holding spots for Uniontown students. If you have any questions or would like to know more about this amazing opportunity you can got their website or come talk to Mrs. Baker in Library.

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