Physics In Engineering: Hurley Gammon

On Friday, May 6th, Hurley Gammon gave a presentation on how physics applies to engineering. He started by giving a brief summary of his education and his past work experience. After graduating from Brownsville Area High School, He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Physics at California University of Pennsylvania. He then received his Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering at the University of Pittsburgh. After graduating from college, he worked for several corporations, such as URS Corporation and Trumbull Corporation, with positions such as Field Manager and Sr. Engineering Manager.

Mr. Gammon elaborating on one of his current projects

It may not seem like there is a lot of careers that deal with physics, but that is actually not true. There are many different types of engineering that apply physics concepts, such as architectural, computer, biomedical, industrial, aerospace, electrical, mechanical, and civil and environmental engineering. Many places hire engineers, such as engineering firms/consultants, PennDOT, Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission, Port Authorities in local counties, ALCOSAN, Water and Sewer authorities in local counties, contractors, and developers. After learning about the different careers in Physics, he then demonstrated a basic diagram of how torque is used in construction.

Mr. Gammon drawing a pulley system diagram

He explained the basic equation for torque, which is torque= force x length. There are also other ways physics applies to construction, such as the use of pulley systems. After the presentation ended, he handed out business cards to those who requested then and answered any questions about the presentation or careers in physics. It was a good presentation and it showed a glimpse into how physics concepts are used in the real world.

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