Physics Rocket Launch

On Monday, May 23, Mr. Foster’s Physics classes launched paper rockets as part of their final projects of the school year. Each rocket had a unique design with varying functionality. With only a few “casualties”, most of the rockets were well-structured and survived every launch.

One of the rockets from the 4th period class being launched.

As a part of the project, there will be a winner selected for three categories. They are farthest 2ft. rocket, farthest 1ft. rocket, and best decorated rocket. The winners will be announced before the end of the year. The prize is bonus points on the project.

A rocket from the 4th period class

All of the students had lots of fun making their rockets. Although it happened for only a day, it was still a fun experience for all Physics students. Hopefully, Mr. Foster will do the same project for next year’s classes.

A rocket being launched from another class period

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