Pittsburgh Ballet Beauty & the Beast

On February 15, 2020 one of Tomawak Talk’s newspaper publishers, April Wivell went to see the Beauty & the Beast Ballet at the Benedum Center. The choreographer of this ballet is
Lew Christensen, along with composer P. I. Tchaikovsky and costumer Jose Varona.

Beauty and the Beast, adapted from the 18th century fairy tale by Madame LePrince de Beaumont, tells the story of a young girl, Beauty, who wanders with her father into the domain of the Beast. Beauty asks her father to pick a rose for her; he does so, and the enraged Beast takes Beauty captive and banishes her father. The beast courts the captive Beauty with everything at his command. She is terrified by his attentions, and flees to the cottage of her father and sisters. Stags from the forest come to her, bearing the rose, and lead her back. The Beast has died of a broken heart. His kingdom is in mourning, and as he lies on his funeral bier Beauty realizes she loves him. Her farewell kiss restores him to life and his true nature: the Beast is transformed into a prince, and the kingdom rejoices at the wedding of Beauty and the Prince.

April claimed that the ballet was created before Disney’s Beauty & the Beast. Unfortunately, Mrs. Pots, Chip or any other of the fan favorites did not appear in this production. Some of the small dances or variations that took the stage reminded her of those from the nutcracker. April’s favorite costume was Belle’s yellow tutu that she wore for the ballroom scene’s Pas De Deux (duet variation).

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