Popular Musicians of Generation Z

Generation Z has embraced many new, young artists as well as artists from the late 80’s to early 90’s. Before the pandemic, Generation Z’s favorite genre of music was pop, but quarantine had encouraged their favorite music to shift to another genre: Rap. With artists like Doja Cat and Cardi B, Generation Z has made them some of their new favorite artists. “Three years ago, pop was a top genre with more than half (62%) of young music listeners saying they enjoy listening to it—and now, it’s at 39% for 13-39-year-olds. Instead another genre has taken its place as young listeners’ favorite: hip hop/rap”( YPulse.com ).

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With many rap artists being listened to by many, Drake is considered the most listened to of all of the favorites among Generation Z. According to Spotify data gathered by TheThings.com, “…ranking as Drake’s most popular song on Spotify as of this writing, is ‘Knife Talk (With 21 Savage Feat. Project Pat)’. This is another song from Drake’s latest studio album, Certified Loverboy“( Leo Morgenstern, TheThings.com ). As of 2020, Drake has accumulated 52 million monthly listeners on Spotify. He has more listeners than Ariana Grande, who has 42 million monthly listeners. Ed Sheeran still has more monthly listeners, with 61 million monthly listeners, but that could possibly change with the continual shift from pop being a favorite to rap being a new favorite genre among Generation Z.

In any generation, there is always some music that they value and use as a way to define them. With Generation Z, many of the rap songs that are listened to involve activism, whether political or environmental. It can be agreed that Generation Z is known for their passion for activism and protest against injustice. With being faced with a pandemic, a declining economy, and pursuing their careers, Generation Z has shown that they can use anything to motivate themselves, including using music.

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