Primanti Brothers Opens in Uniontown

Primanti’s Bros. is a chain restaurant that was actually founded in our very own, Pittsburgh. It is a sports bar and restaurant, where you can chill and watch the game while eating some delicious food.

They specialize in sandwiches, but they also have salads, burgers, burgers, fries and wings. The reason they specialize in sandwiches is because they aren’t just ordinary sandwiches. They are loaded with all sorts of toppings like coleslaw and French fries, mmm!

The ambience of the stores can be just the pick-me-up you need after a long hard day. The glass garage doors allow for natural light to flow in and there is always upbeat music playing in the background. Then, you can chill out and watch whatever sports game is playing. It is the perfect restaurant if you just need sometime to chill.

Their new location is located just off of Main Street, so it’s super convenient to stop in, especially after a long hard shopping spree throughout the stores of Uniontown. So, if you haven’t before, maybe stop in and try it and see what you think!

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