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Yay, 2013 prom is almost here! I have talked to a few seniors about this years prom. Most of them are very excited, others just don’t care, yet others told me they were more excited about post prom which this year takes place at Kennywood Park.

When I asked some senior girls how they would like to be asked to prom this year, many said they wanted to be asked in a sweet and romantic way or in front of a big crowd.   Others told me that they would like to be asked by someone giving them flowers or finding flowers on there porch at home with a cute note saying “Will you go to prom with me?”.  Many of the senior ladies have said that they would like if when they went to buy a drink it would have a note asking them to prom.  I know Lauren Palmer, a senior asked Joseph Campbell, a sophomore  after the Uniontown vs. Laurel Highlands basketball game on Friday, February 8th at Applebee’s.  She had the waitresses sing him a song about prom and at the end of the song they gave him a dessert and said so will you go to prom with Lauren.  He said yes, but it was a really cute and different idea.

The senior girls this year seem to know exactly what they would like this year but the senior guys don’t seem to have the same confidence.

When I asked some of the senior boys they responded they like to dance and told me they were excited to have a good time.  Dancing however,  isn’t for everyone, those who are a little more shy and don’t like to dance in front of people, they have mentioned that they were not too excited and do not care about prom at all.  When asked if they had planned how they are going to ask their dates a few have said that they would write a note on the inside of a girls notebook asking them to prom, but in the minds of those with a little more creativity they are still working on a few new ways to ask their special someone to prom.

How are you planning on asking your dates to prom?  Comment below and let us know.


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