Prom Dress Ideas

Every girl looking for a prom dress is going to look for a dress that is there style but also something that is trendy. It is easy to go to a shop and see all the dresses in the window and say that is whats trending. But if you go online and look at some popular dress brands that will show you the more trending styles. Some popular dress brands are Sherri Hills, Jovani, and Faviana.

Last year some of the popular styles of dresses were floral prints and a lot of neutral colors. This year you will see lots of shimmering metallics. Pastel is also very in. Dresses embroidered with beads are in style this year. Some popular cuts of dresses you might see are high-low dresses, a side slit, or a mermaid fit.

Another factor for picking a prom dress is the price. Sherri Hill can range anywhere from $500-$1000. If your looking to find something less expensive but still great quality, you could look at PromGirl or Windsor. They range anywhere from $50-$300. In all, every girl wants to find a unique prom dress that fits there style.

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