Prom is coming up quick. There is about two months left to get everything together. But before you start planning you need to find out who you are going with or if you are going by yourself. A popular trend is to ask your date to go to with you in a very extra way. Sometimes its hard to think of an extra special idea. These are some of the best tips to think of your own way and some exact ideas you can copy if you feel it it fits.

When coming up with your idea there a few key things to think about. The first thing you need to think about is how extra the person your asking is and how far you need to take it to impress them and at the same time not embarrass them. The second thing to think about is what you and your person have in common. Most promposals have a pun worked into something you have in common or something the person you are asking is interested in. A third key point to think about is when you are going to ask. Timing is everything because it may be cute to catch them after practice but there will definitely be someone taking a picture of the ask. You should think about how the person being asked will be dressed.

Now when it comes to asking don’t be afraid of rejection. Unless you have never talked to this person or don’t know them the chance of them say no is very low. Also if you show a lot of confidence when asking it is more likely your date will say yes. And if they seem unsure don’t pressure someone into going with you. You will have more fun at the dance by yourself then with someone who doesn’t want to be there with you.

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