PSATs and SATs: How to prepare and manage stress

PSAT’s are coming up. But why are they so important? Why are the SAT’s so important? Let’s talk about it. The purpose of the SAT is to measure a student’s readiness for college. An SAT score is a personal data point that shows your strength in school and is an easy way to differentiate different college applicants. The technical importance of your SAT score is for colleges to set aside and compare all student’s scores and decide which students to accept into their colleges.What are the personal benefits of taking the SAT’s?

Some sources say that by studying for the SAT, you’re sharpening your knowledge of your core subjects. The SAT’s can be a very stressful time for most students. Your score can determine whether or not you get into your ideal school. Students spend lot’s of time preparing and studying for this test. A major way you can get yourself ready for the SAT is by taking the PSAT, the practice SAT, to help prepare you for the real thing. How can we make this time less stressful and get ourselves more prepared?

Resources say as a rule of thumb, you should spend about 10 hours in total studying for the SAT. Whether that be an hour a day for 10 days before, or 10 minutes a day for a month before. Some helpful advice would be to start your practice early so you can be fully prepared. Pay attention in class and really take your studies seriously. SAT’s are a big deal so you should make school a big deal too. Some tips for stress on the week of, are to get plenty of sleep, plan your timelines, set score goals, and be prepared. Hopefully, most of you decide to take the PSATs. These are on October 11th and cost $18. Sign up with Mrs Baker in the library. Good luck to everyone!

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