Racial Profiling

For those who do not know, racial profiling is when someone is being judged by their race, ethnicity, and/ or religion. There is a lot of racial profiling going on in the world right now, especially coming from the police officers. This has always been a thing but last year it started to get worse. 

As we all know, George Floyd, age 46, was killed in May 2020. He was killed because the cashier had thought he was using a fake twenty dollar bill. When the police arrived to the scene, he had a gun aimed at Floyd. The officer then pinned him to the ground with his knee on his neck for 8 minutes and 46 seconds causing him to die. This happened because Floyd was a colored man. All because of the racism, that man is no longer here. Many people have lost their lives due to racial profiling. 

Many people think that being racist, nasty, and rude towards skin color, ethnicity, & religion is okay. Well it is not. It could cause depression, suicide/suicidal thoughts, sleepless nights, and harm to some people. People cry themselves to sleep because of racism. People of color are being killed because others don’t like they way we look. Some are too dark and too light for their preference so they decide to kill instead of just walking away. People of color should be able to live their life the same way non-colored people do and start being fair. I’m not saying non-colored people don’t have this problem as well, but people of color have it the worse right now. So, let’s stop being disrespectful and racist and let everyone enjoy life they way they want to enjoy it. 

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