Rascal Flatts: Changed

The Rascal Flatts album, Changed, was officially released on January 22, 2013. Rascal Flatts made their music debut in 2000 and since then, they have been a huge success. They have sold over 21 million albums and recorded fourteen singles that hit number one on the charts. This group consists of three people known as Jay, Gary, and Joe Don. Jay and Gary are both from Columbus, Ohio and Joe Don is from Picher, Oklahoma.

The album Changed includes-

1. Changed
2. Banjo
3. Hot in Here
4. Come Wake Me Up
5. She’s Leaving
6. Let it Hurt
7. Lovin’ Me
8. Hurry Baby
9. Sunrise
10. Great Big Love
11. A Little Home
12. Friday Can’t Come Fast Enough
13. Fall Here
14. Right One Time
15. Next To You, Next To Me

I personally think the best track on this album is “She’s Leaving”. I really like this one because it shows the best side of every person in the group. It also exhibits Jay’s very exceptional piano skills.  On the other hand, ” Fall Here” is my least favorable track on this album, I do not think it is the correct tempo for this group’s vocals.  Overall I rate this album an 8.


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