Reactions to the Tragedy in Connecticut

On December 14th, 2012, 20 small, innocent, beautiful children ranging from ages 5-10 years old, and 7 caring adults were killed suddenly by a cold-hearted killer named Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut.  This event hurt many people; parents, siblings, grandparents, and many other loved ones.  This did not just effect residents in Connecticut though, it effected people nation wide.

Everyone has different reactions toward the global crisis.  After interviewing various people, many different feelings were expressed.  When asked ” How do you feel toward the tragedy that occurred at Sandy Hook Elementary School?”, Rachelle Slavic responded, “What happened was very sad, and very, very depressing.  No small child, or child at all, deserves that.”  When asked the same question Danasha Harris responded, “I feel like its tragic, and makes no sense at all.  Why would you go kill all those children, if you were just going to kill yourself from the jump?  It makes no sense to me.”  Mrs. Ceurllo responded to the question by saying, “I feel that it was a very terrible tragedy, and it’s a shame that it took a tragedy like this one to make other schools become more aware of security.”

When asked “What do you think should be done now that this horrible tragedy occurred?”, Mrs. Gartley responded, “I don’t know, because there are negatives to both sides, I mean you can’t really prohibit guns, because they are very good for self protection, but I don’t think people should have access to military guns, and they should do background checks on everyone who purchases a gun.”  When asked the same question, Drew Zinck responded, “I think that we should have better security around schools in general, especially little kids, because they are taught to always rely on adults, but how can they rely on anyone if their teacher is hurt or dead?”  Amar Chisler answered the same question by saying, “Everybody should have to go through a metal detector before entering the school”

When asked the last question, “What advice, if any, do you have for the survivors of the tragedy? For the parents of the lost children?”, the people interviewed were very hesitant to answer because they didn’t know what to say.   Rachelle Slavic answered by saying, “For the parents, I have NO clue what you are going through, but I’m so sorry for your losses.  For the survivors, keep your heads up and stay strong.”  Danasha Harris responded by saying, “Man, I don’t even know how you feel, but keep your heads up and stay strong, you just have to keep living life while you can.”  Mrs. Ceurllo responded by, “After a period of mourning, you need to live for the lost lives.”

Mainly everyone interviewed had the same emotions toward the tragedy.  It was unnecessary and it was very sad.  Those children didn’t have a chance at life, because one man who didn’t appreciate his own, took theirs away from them, and then his very own.  It’s very sad, and what the worst thing about it is, the parents or surviving children will never get real closure, all because of that monster, Adam Lanza.


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