Red Dead Redemption 2

Red Dead Redemption 2 is one of Rock Stars games series that has been in the making for seven years and when it was released 2019 it was a huge success for them they sold 29 million copies of the game and made a total profit of $725 million of it which is crazy for a video game. But to me and all the others that have bought the game they deserved every last penny of it. Because it’s such a beautiful game it’s story feels like a movie and the graphics makes it feel like it’s not even a video game it makes it feel like your playing a interactive movie.

With characters that warm up to you and knowing the back story of these characters that you haven’t knew about sense this is the second game it’s a prequel to the first game so the main character that you play Arthur Morgan wasn’t in the first game because everything that happen in that game is years later from the second game were you play as John Marston. Which actually at the end of Red Dead Redemption 2 you will play as John which is like the real early parts of the start of red dead redemption.

But the game is so beautiful and feels so alive and real like were your main character needs to eat or he will get skinny or if he eats a lot he will get fat but if u eat just right he will be fit and healthy which is a crazy gameplay mechanics even though in GTA San adreas they have that except it actually will affect your characters states if he’s not in good shape. Also your characters hair and facial hair will grow and you can go and get a hair cut and shave your beard which is real cool. Rockstar games just does a really good job on their games with the amount of detail that’s in it and stuff.

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