RED: Release The Panic

Release The Panic” is another heavy guitar and drum album from an almost famous rock band called RED. This album is just as exciting and surprising just like every other RED album. In this album they wrote the song “Hold Me Now” which shows the struggle that a lot of people go through in their lives and how sometimes you just need a little help to get out of depression or what ever the situation may be it truly is an inspiring song in the end. There is also an acoustic remix to their extremely popular song “Breathe into Meand if you are a RED fan then you will probably like this song. But to me it feels like something is missing, it just feels like the song is not all the way there. This album is all around amazing i would suggest everyone listening to a couple of the songs on this album. Do not forget that if there is an album that you think we should review then make sure you tell us about it in the comments.

Overall Rating 8/10


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