Reinforcing Rules at UHS

Did you hear the announcement? On April 5th, during first period, Mr. Manges made an announcement reminding students what the dress code states. Also, he restated that the bathrooms are not a “hangout” space. The announcement was necessary because the amount of students violating these basic rules has dramatically increased.

Students skipping class as well as spending excessive time in the bathrooms has been a known issue here lately. In an attempt to limit the number students hanging out in the bathrooms, teachers were placed outside of the bathrooms. The teachers are mainly there to periodically check that no one person is the the restroom for an excessive amount of time and also there to maintain the number of students going into the restroom at a given time.

Secondly, the dress code was reviewed in Mr. Manges’s announcement. The dress codes has always been known, but not strictly enforced. Although some teachers still enforce the dress code, most do not Therefore, students push the dress code to see what they can get away with. If you violate the dress code, you can now get written up and also sent to the office.

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