Renaissance Projects

In Mr Brown’s class the students had to make a Renaissance replica. Students made Spanish
Galleon out of Popsicle sticks and an old recipe for cornbread. Students had two weeks to complete the project and the results were surprising.

What my partner and I have made was a model of a Leonardo Da Vinci parachute using a cloth for the parachute, and a GIJoe guy to add weight and simulate a person. The test that we did showed that our parachute had worked somewhat. It showed that it slowed down, but was still not a soft landing. The odd thing was everybody seemed amused by it.

The replica had to be original, creative, well constructed, and unique materials. He wanted the project to be related to a significant theme or event. It had to convey important information about the subject and indicate an excellent understanding of the subject. Great care was taken in its construction process so that the structure is neat, attractive and accurate is what was needed for the full two hundred points. You could also have earned an extra 30 bonus points if he thought that it was good enough.

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