Renovation Reactions

We asked teachers and students about the recent renovation. The majority of people appreciate the time and effort that went into making the building look as presentable and commendable as it does now. One teacher said “Even though it can be confusing at first, you get used to it. It is a very impressive improvement from the way that the school looked before the renovation.”  The students now have a building to be proud of. The old one was outdated and dirty. One interviewee said “The updated building provided new facilities for a great learning environment, which promotes a positive learning environment. The new school has an effect on the students’ attitudes. They have a new respect and pride in their building, and it seems more organized.” There are many benefits to the renovation. It is brighter, we now have air conditioning, and the cafeteria is very nice.

Students like that the transition makes things easier, because it is quicker to get from place to place. The bus situation is more organized and easier for students. One thing that has gotten a lot of praise is the gym. The auxiliary gym now houses a weight room and there are locker rooms for officials and athletic trainers. The renovation has brought many opportunities that will benefit not only the students, but the teachers and other faculty members as well.



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