Sara Christopher: Kingdom Arts

Sara Christopher

One of our students for the senior project showcase is Sara Christopher. Her senior project was an art portfolio. She titled the senior project ” Kingdom Arts”. We asked her some questions on why she chose this senior project. We also asked her if she had advice for underclass man and her plans after graduation.

What did you learn from this experience?

” I learned that art work is not just drawing or a painting. Art is a way we express ourselves. It is how some of us show our feelings. It is a way to escape the pain in ourselves. Art is special and it lives in each and everyone of us.”

What is your advice to underclassmen regarding their project?

“My advice is do not procrastinate, but have fun with it. Yes, 100 hours of community service seems like a lot but believe me once you get started those 100 hours fly by.”

What are your plans for after graduation?

” After graduation I will be attending Waynesburg University, in the fall of 2013 for Criminal Justice. After college I plan to go to the Police Academy and work my way through the ranks to become a Private Investigator or P.I”

Well, good luck Sara and thank you for the information and advice.

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