Underclassmen scheduling for the 2022-23 school year is underway. Students met with guidance counselors last week. If you are still unsure about some of your decisions, you are able to change classes until May 6. You want to select courses that will help prepare you for your future.

If you are a junior, scheduling is especially important. Your 9-11 grades are what colleges are going to look at when you apply. If you plan on attending higher education, it is not a good idea to overwhelm your year with electives. Even if you don’t plan on going to school after you graduate, it is important to try to get all of the credits you may have missed. Scheduling classes that challenge you is a good thing to prepare you for the future.

Many seniors are able to choose classes that will help them enjoy their last year at Uniontown High School. It is a good time to try something new like ceramics or piano that you will enjoy or could lead to a hobby. If you have any questions about scheduling for next year, stop in to see your guidance counselor.

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