Clubs & Organizations

In many high schools, there are different varieties of clubs and activities to do outside of school or in school. Clubs and school events were made to have a great way in participating in high school social community and finding other students who have similar interest and goals to each other. Students are able to meet new people, such as other students and become friends with each other and share interest among them. Many high school extracurriculars help find passion and current interest that we might have not known about each other. Uniontown Area High School has many clubs and school events to offer for anyone who may be interested.

School & club events :

  • Academic Quiz League
  • Art Club
  • Bible Club
  • Biology Club
  • Chorus
  • Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)
  • Interact Club
  • Marching Band
  • National Honors Society
  • School Spirit Store
  • Ski Club
  • Spanish Club
  • Student Council
  • Tomahawk Talk (Student Newspaper)
  • Yearbook

There are a lot of clubs and school events the school has to offer. Joining these clubs and school events can help students get out of their comfort zones. Also, it can help for future reference on college applications, colleges love to see how students are well-rounded and is doing well in high school. Most importantly, helps students get involved in their high school community. Lots of students may not want or is unsure of joining school or club events, but for sure we guarantee it is a great experience and helps get out of the home when bored. Participating in at least one club can be a start and a new plan ahead of today. Are you ready to join our school and club events? If you are already in one, which one is it?

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