Science Experiments

This week I talked to Mrs. Lowden about her Biology classes. On Tuesday and Wednesday they did a lab on water. I asked her if her class is doing anymore experiments this semester. She replied that there are plans on doing a Macro molecule/ Enzyme lab, Photosynthesis/ Respiration labs, Egg Diffusion, Mitosis/ Meiosis lab, How to Make a Horse (protein synthesis), Natural Selection Skittle labs, Food Webs, and Dissecting a Pig. I also asked her how dangerous these experiments are? She said ” None are extremely dangerous (nothing blowing up) but some activities that use of glass ware, chemicals, etc. could cause injuries.” Next, I asked her if she likes teaching science? she said ” I love teaching science! Science is all about learning why the world works the way it does. Science is all about asking questions. I love asking questions.” Last, I asked her what her students learn from doing experiments? She said “Doing experiments allows students to actually apply the concepts of Biology. They learn how to follow directions, solve problems, ask questions, work collaboratively, and analyze results.”


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