Senior Project Secrets!

Senior project guidelines have recently changed and they have gotten a bit easier. Senior projects are now career based. Students are required to experience work while in high school. In my opinion that’s not always the easiest or most fun way to spend your time. If you’ve already had a job it is convenient, but if you are like me find it hard to balance the busy schedule of school, sports, activities, and a job! I’ll share with you how I got my senior project done in a fun, non stressful way.

Senior Projects have to be done by the third nine weeks of your junior year. You can be ambitious and get a job in the summer before your junior year which may be hard because you are young and employers aren’t as likely to hire younger students, however your schedule will be less busy. You probably don’t want to have a job during your junior year because it can be a busy class load. It is important to stay focused and get the best grades you can because colleges look at grades 9-11 when deciding if they will accept you or not. The second option is to participate in
Pennsylvania Free Enterprise Week (PFEW). You can go to PFEW the summer after your sophomore year or the summer after your junior year. Although if you want to do this for your senior project you have to do it before your junior year.

PFEW is the choice I highly recommend. Here you get to spend a week at Lycoming college, make lots of new friends, great memories, and learn a lot about business. You get a great experience and bonus it counts as your senior project. All you will have to do your junior year is write about two out of the five days you spend there and bring back one of the certificates with your company leaders signature. This is the most fun and easiest way to complete your senior project without being stressed out. Only a few people take advantage of this great opportunity because they don’t realize how much you can get out of it. Visit for more information.

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