Senior Project Showcase: Quentin Hales

Recently, we spoke to Quentin Hales about his senior project. Quentin finished his project last semester after months of preparation and was very excited to share the details with us. Quentin’s goal was to build a multitude of model rockets using 3D printers and the most modern design tools available to test the concept of using these technologies as to traditional methods. First on his list, he design multiple components in 3D modeling software such as the nosecones, the fins, and many of the internal parts that held the rockets together. Quentin was able to reach out to a few experts that gave him advice on how to make the rockets as efficient as possible. After all was said and done, Quentin had 3 rockets that were almost built entirely out of printed parts that he designed himself. eventually, he was able to launch the rockets and find out if they had worked. Quentin was able to collect aerodynamic data from the instruments inside of his rockets, and ultimately he achieved his goal. One of the launches however failed and completely destroyed one of his rockets. After all was said and done, he completed his project and learned a lot along the way.

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