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Senior Projects are one the most important aspects to focus on here at Uniontown Area High School, and we get a variety of different methods of completing our 50 hours of community service/job shadowing. Some people restore old damaged cemeteries, do volunteer work in the hospital, build something valuable for the community, etc. we interviewed some of our students at UAHS and found some shocking information on their thoughts/experiences with their projects. some of our seniors that are in the class of 2019 did things along the lines of building a gaming PC, job shadowing the Fayette County Coroner, filming for the football team, and much more.

We asked Logan Elyazra if his senior project benefited him in any way and he said “Yes, my senior project showed easy computers really are and why I love working with them.” Jeffery Cardenas answered the same question as well with “Yes, because I learned a lot about football, and i learned how to use the camera equipment.” We also asked the students if they would recommend this project to be a graduation requirement for other schools around the nation, and Hannah Layton said “It depends on which part exactly. I think they should require some job shadowing, but not the whole presentation.” Logan says ” Very much so, it teaches us how to honestly grasp something valuable to you and show how determined you are to the project.” We believe after receiving conclusive information from our seniors that Senior projects are in fact benefiting us and should most certainly should be a graduation requirement.


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